Where are the classes held?

Where are the classes held?

Distance learning has long been popular all over the world. Since this is not only an opportunity to work and lead projects online, it is an opportunity to receive a full-fledged education without leaving home. Distance education allows you to plan your schedule and gain knowledge at any time of the day or night. This form of obtaining knowledge will allow you to be mobile in any place, city or country. There is no need to worry that you did not have time to go through some material or did not understand. Individual lessons with teachers, the opportunity to review the recording of the lesson, will help to compensate for gaps in understanding. It is this form of education that will call for spending less money, since you do not need to pay for travel and stay within the walls of schools and universities, and the result of training is more tangible. Because less time is spent on secondary points and more concentration on the learning process itself.

Why choose classes on TeMa?

The TeMa resource is a unique, international platform that allows students to find the right teacher, and the tutor to increase the number of students. The platform has its own internal program for organizing video conferencing. Therefore, all communication between students and tutors, from chats with messages to video calls, takes place within the resource. This is very convenient and practical, since there is no need to additionally use third-party sources. In addition, the interface and functionality of the platform includes all the necessary elements that are needed for conducting classes.

For remote lessons, you will need a minimum set of things, a cozy place for you, good internet and a gadget. You can choose both a desktop computer and a regular tablet or phone. Thanks to the convenient and understandable interface of the resource, it is possible not to burden yourself with technical issues. Therefore, when it comes to online lessons, users choose the TeMa platform, as it is light and functionality.

How to start working on the platform and choose a teacher?

In order to start working on the platform, you first need to register. You have the option to log in as a student or as a tutor. After filling out the profile, you will have access to a number of benefits, one of them is the ability to choose a teacher and sign up for a lesson.

In order to select a teacher in accordance with your requirements, use the search filters, they will help:

  • choose the subject in which you plan to gain knowledge;
  • you can choose the region and location, as there are local teachers and native speakers;
  • based on your budget, you can set an acceptable cost;
  • you can choose the classification of the teacher, since for passing exams or for studying the material “for yourself”, different experiences of teachers will be required.

In addition to filters, descriptions in mentors' questionnaires will help you choose. In them, you can find a description of the features of teaching and information that will allow you to make a choice.

How to sign up for a lesson?

After you have chosen a teacher, you can find the schedule of group and individual lessons in the questionnaire of his profile. You simply choose a convenient date and time, thereby booking a lesson. Thus, you can choose one date, or you can immediately place several reservations if you plan to take further classes with this mentor. The session lasts exactly one hour. And so that you do not forget and do not miss the upcoming lesson. The platform has provided a convenient notification system that allows you to avoid being late. If during the process of booking a date you have any questions or wishes to the mentor. You can ask and manifest them by chatting with him.

How to connect to a lesson on the TeMa platform?

As mentioned earlier, all classes and conferences take place on the platform, so there is no need to download additional applications in order to conduct a class. To connect to the lesson, five minutes before the start, go to the “Lessons” tab, next to the booked lesson, the “Connect” button will become active, by which you can go and get to the video conference site. If your plans have changed, and you do not have time for the lesson, you can cancel the lesson and reschedule it to another date. If these are group lessons, you can agree with the group on a different time for the lecture, use the lesson recording function and simply review the missed material, or you can agree with the teacher about an individual lesson to catch up on knowledge.

Benefits of the TeMa Platform

We may have common goals and aspirations, but the form of achieving the desired results may be fundamentally different. It is easier for someone to perceive information by ear, and who sees the result of learning using visual materials, in the form of cards, videos, and presentations. It is easier for someone to memorize and assimilate information using associations. Everyone is different and everyone needs an individual approach. The functionality of the TeMa platform allows you to combine all these features and techniques, thereby making the learning process as efficient as possible.

Why choose the TeMa platform?

Having everything in one place is convenient because you don't have to open additional sites and applications. On the resource, you can not only choose and book lessons in different directions, you can also communicate between students and teachers. If you have entered the conference, and the lesson has not yet begun, you can, in addition to repeating the material and preparing, play the platform game. To do this, just press the joystick. The conference platform itself is simple and user-friendly, you can share the screen on it, send the necessary training materials to the chat, in case of technical problems or misunderstandings, you can instantly contact the support service without leaving the video calls. Convenience and comfort is one factor influencing the result, if you are planning training, choose the TeMa platform, with it, you will be able to achieve your goals.