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Вчитель польської та англійської. Стаж 17 років в Ліцеї, навчаю дітей від 0 до рівня В1-В2.,готую до вступу в університети, технікуми. Закінчила Рівненський інститут слов'янознавства, факультет романо-германської та слов'янської філології за спеціальністю філолог,викладач польської та англійської...
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Викладаю більше двох років польську мову, онлайн і в живу. Курс від нуля до рівня А1-А2, маю сертифікат.
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Кваліфікований магістр філології. В мене це слов'янські мови (російська, українська та польська). Володію російською вільно, українською на високому рівні, польськю та англійською - на середньому рівні. Два роки викладав українську як іноземну. Іноземні студенти на підготовчих курсах опановували укр...
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How to works TeMa

Find the best tutor for a subject Polish In order to find a tutor for a subject Polish from more than 3 tutors. Use filters to make your search faster and more comfortable.
Book the first lesson To book a lesson on a subject Polish, go to the tutor profile and click on "Details". Once you go to the subject Polish, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule.
Connecting to the lesson To connect to a lesson on a subject Polish, go to the "Lessons" tab and click the "Connect" button. The Connect button becomes active only 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Once connected, you will be in the video conference where the lesson with the subject Polish tutor will take place.

In modern conditions, knowledge of the languages of neighboring countries is a necessity. Without understanding the language, it is difficult, there are difficulties with work, education, even a simple trip to the store becomes problematic. Polish lessons will help entrepreneurs to save on the cost of an interpreter when negotiating with partners/customers, and students to enter the desired university.

If you already live in the country or are going to obtain permanent residence status, it is a must to know Polish, and to master it effectively you need an effective methodology. For high results you should find a Polish language tutor, unlike courses he or she will build an actual program by individual approach according to the goals set. 

How does a one-on-one Polish tutor online at TeMa lead to results?

Everyone wants to acquire knowledge without abstruse and boring explanations. Courses promise modern techniques of teaching, but the dispersion of the teacher's attention to the whole group does not provide quick results. Regarding the cost of services, it is not a great savings in comparison with a private teacher, the cost is not much different, but the quality is several times over. Tutor services in Polish online involves the selection of the program taking into account personal qualities and objectives. 

TeMa tutor search platform allows you to study remotely, conveniently and productively. Personal account saves lessons, materials, dictionaries, at any moment you can go back to revise them. 

As an online tutor leads to results:

  • makes up an individual lesson plan;
  • uses interactive techniques;
  • makes a flexible schedule of online lessons;
  • a lot of speaking practice online;
  • availability of constant instructor feedback.

Why is a Polish language tutor online at TeMa more effective than offline?

For several years, distance learning has become the norm. Still, some still think that it is not effective. Of course, personal meetings are more pleasant, but there are human factors: you listened to the teacher, or tired to come to class and did not remember half of it. With the online format, if something like that happens, you can review the lesson in the recording, and go through the materials from the lesson, because they are online.

Tutor search service TeMa holds classes on the site in the personal cabinet, you don't need to download additional applications, and the ability to choose the schedule of classes makes online learning even more convenient. You have the opportunity to study with the tutor you like anywhere in the world and are not limited by choice or location.

5 reasons why you need the services of a Polish language teacher 

Yes, the Polish language is not the most demanded in the world, but the demand for the services of a Polish language tutor online has exceeded. The Schengen country is convenient for a comfortable life, work, education. That is why a lot of people went there.

So why do you need the services of an online Polish tutor:

  1. You want to get a Polish Card. You can memorize questions before the meeting with the consul, but the interview is not with a machine, but a person who can ask about plans of living, or other questions, of course without an answer at a good level of Polish, the mission is doomed to failure.
  2. High-paying jobs. Poland is popular for employment. If you plan to get a high price for your work, you can't do without knowledge of Polish.
  3. Higher education. It is not a secret that the educational system is outdated, and Polish universities provide education of European level. They teach in English, but why overpay when you can study cheaper in Polish?
  4. Entrepreneurship. The Polish government is very friendly towards owners of small and medium-sized businesses, but without knowing how to communicate, it will be difficult to start a business.
  5. Communicating in Polish while traveling. Polish tutor online  teaches travel communication skills.

Why do you need a Polish tutor?

As already mentioned, Poland is a popular country for moving and working. Polish tutor services provide individual approach and attention to one student. Perhaps you are going to learn the language from scratch, or maybe there is a knowledge base that requires expansion, the tutor takes this into account. 

Online Polish tutor will help:

  • learn Polish from scratch;
  • fill gaps in knowledge and establish new ones;
  • create a solid foundation of knowledge for further study;
  • to develop spoken language for free communication.

After the lessons you will have a sense of confidence in your abilities, and in the case of misunderstandings, the tutor will rework a difficult topic. Classes are held at a convenient time and pace.

How to find a tutor in Polish

First, formulate the purpose of the classes. Whether it's Polish for work, education or life, so it's easier to find a Polish tutor, approaches and methods will be different, because the main emphasis is on specialization. Determine how much you are willing to spend on an online tutor, match the cost of a Polish tutor with your financial capabilities.

Next, pay attention to experience, qualifications, reviews. This is indicated in the teacher's profile. Scroll above, choose a subject, country, price range, and choose a teacher. Take a trial lesson, online tutor search service TeMa provides a 50% discount on three trial lessons, so feel free to try the specialists, when you feel psychological comfort and productivity book the next lesson.