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How the Tema platform works
Student / Tutor
How to find a tutor?
To find a tutor according to your requirements, go to the "Tutors" section. In the section you will see profiles of tutors, as well as information that will help you make a choice. The section has filters that will make your search more comfortable
How to find a tutor?
How to get a lesson?
To sign up for a lesson, go to the tutor's profile and click on the "Details" button. By going to the tutor's profile, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule. Free time will be highlighted. To register for a lesson, click on it. This action will reserve the lesson
How to get a lesson?
How is the lesson going?
All lessons are held on the TeMa platform. To connect to the lesson, go to the "Lessons" tab and click on the "Connect" button. The button "Сonnect" becomes active only 5 minutes before the start of the lesson. After connecting, you will find yourself in a video conference where the lesson with the tutor will take place
How is the lesson going?
How to start teaching?
In order to start receiving the first applications for lessons, you need to fill out your profile. In order for the profile to be in the first place in the rating of the TeMa platform, record a video business card. Add certificates and diplomas confirming your qualifications, as well as the lessons you plan to teach. Then indicate the date and time when it would be convenient to conduct the lessons. Complete your registration by activating your profile via the toggle below your profile photo
How to start teaching?
How to find students yourself?
To find students on your own, go to the "Ads" section. In the section you will see profiles of students who are looking for a tutor. The information in the questionnaires will help to understand the requirements and tasks assigned to the teacher. The section has filters that will make your search more comfortable
How to find students yourself?
How is the lesson going?
All lessons are held on the TeMa platform. Therefore, there is no need to additionally use other resources. During the conference, you can use the control panel, which will serve as your assistant
How is the lesson going?

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Kim B.
Kim B.student

The one-on-one lessons at Tema were exactly what I needed. The instructor was knowledgeable and tailored the lessons to my needs.

Alice S.
Alice S.student

Tema has been a game-changer in my online learning journey. The platform's intuitive design and robust features make it easy for students like me to engage with course materials and stay connected with instructors. The online platform is a handy addition, enabling me to learn anywhere. Tema has truly made remote learning more accessible and enjoyable for me.

Sarah L.
Sarah L.student

Tema has truly revolutionized my learning experience. As a student, I find the platform to be incredibly user-friendly and packed with features that enhance my education. The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate between courses, assignments, and resources. It's clear that they genuinely care about providing the best possible learning experience for students. Overall, Tema has transformed the way I approach my education, making it more accessible, interactive, and convenient.

Rating: 4.0 of 5
Reviews: 3

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Every day we see someone fighting for a better position. Getting a job we want to get a higher position, going to university to get the desired position, being in the company of friends / acquaintances we want to talk about new skills or know more than others. School and university education is not enough, when the tutors are able to bring you to a new level, to pass successfully the exams, to get high marks. Knowing and knowing more you will not only improve your competitive skills, but also become better, smarter, more confident, online tutors will make the learning process structured, interesting and comfortable.

When do you need a teacher?

In today's world, not only schoolchildren and university entrants who want to improve their grades and pass the exams, but also people who have graduated from universities and students who want to develop and discover new things are looking for a tutor. Niche online education services are much in demand, and the cost of the lesson with a tutor can be selected for any financial possibilities.

When mainly turn to the site for tutors:

  1. Improve school performance. 
  2. To pass the entrance exams. Repeat the entire school program, learn the key points, fill in the gaps of knowledge, talk about the pitfalls of testing will help online tutor.
  3. Preparing for school, elementary school. Parents want to give their children the best from early childhood, online tutoring for children allows you to lay the right foundation of knowledge.
  4. To move to another country, to master the language.
  5. Improve qualifications, expand or get the missing knowledge.
  6. Self-development. Understand new things for yourself, broaden your horizons, learn new aspects of life, increase your confidence.

The TeMa tutor search platform includes more than 130 subjects in different areas, of which 44 are language subjects, giving you the opportunity to choose online tutoring services for different purposes and finances, and the cost of an online tutor is more favorable than offline.

Why are professional tutors better than courses?

Surely you have repeatedly wondered whether to choose a course, a tutor, or not to spend money and learn yourself. At the courses, dispersed attention to the entire group and the overall program does not give the desired result, because of the lack of individual approach, taking into account your characteristics, rate of memorization, wishes. Regarding self-study, yes it's free, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet, you just want to. But what's the point? From the huge amount of information it is difficult to determine the right one, as a result in the head of mush and no understanding of the structure. 

To build a clear plan for a lesson schedule, at the very least you need to assess the level of knowledge, pace, memorization style, some are better visually perceived, others vice versa. Evaluate your knowledge, consolidate the results, give the right assignments will help a good tutor. The results will not make you wait long, and time and nerves will be in order.

Advantages of studying at TeMa

The TeMa tutor selection service has done everything possible to make sure you find someone you want to study with. We invite only professionals, checking the qualifications. With us, you will find the services of teachers with small and large experience in a wide range of subjects.

What are the benefits of classes with us:

  • a large base of tutors;
  • real feedback from students;
  • the ability to choose the services of a tutor of interest;
  • more than 130 subjects are covered;
  • tutors from many countries;
  • quick and easy search by subjects, countries, prices;
  • all training in a private office, electronic materials.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Go higher, register, choose your tutoring services online, and get to the top you want now.