How do you teach a group lesson?

How do you teach a group lesson?

Online mode has become an integral part of our lives. And distance learning is something that you will not surprise anyone with. Habitual walking, every morning to study or courses, has changed to a homely atmosphere at a computer or other gadget. This format of obtaining knowledge is very convenient not only for students, but also for teachers. No need to drive across the city early in the morning to get to your destination, no need to spend time and money on the road, back and forth.

TeMa platform for conducting classes

The TeMa platform is a unique project that allows you to get a modern online education using the latest technologies. Online Rhesus makes it possible to conduct individual and group lessons. All classes and communication take place exclusively on the platform. Therefore, you do not need to use additional sites and applications. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, lessons will be easy and fun. Since it is possible, in addition to lecturing, to use audio and video materials. Many people may have a question about the cost of classes. The price on the platform depends on many factors: the direction of the lesson, the qualifications of the teacher and the duration of the training. Despite this, everyone will find the best price for themselves in accordance with their budget. TeMa is the place where the developers have taken care of the simplicity of the functionality, so the acquisition of knowledge will be simple and affordable.

Stages of a group lesson on the TeMa platform

In order for online education to give positive results, the process of holding conferences should not cause difficulties and difficulties. The platform has provided for all the moments, making the possibility of conducting group lessons as simple as possible. The functionality and interface allows you to easily use all the benefits of the resource. Therefore, users will not have any difficulties in conducting the lesson. 

We offer to analyze the features of a group lesson:

  1. The first step is to register on the platform and fill out your profile.
  2. Next, students book a group lesson for a specific time.
  3. At the appointed time, five minutes before the start of the conference, opposite the booked lesson, the “Connect” button will become active. The participant clicks on the button and proceeds to the next stage, namely, “Preview”.
  4. Preview, allows you to see how the video image will be displayed to other conference participants. After that, click on the “Connect” button again.
  5. If the lesson has not started, and you need to pass the time, you can play the game, just click on the joystick icon.
  6. During the lesson, the teacher can share the screen, send teaching materials in the chat and control what is happening, due to video and audio capabilities.

The session lasts sixty minutes. If the tutor, with the students, completed the program faster, the lesson can be completed a little earlier by pressing one button. After the lesson, students can write feedback to the teacher. A mentor recommendation or duplicate homework.

What are the advantages of a group lesson on the TeMa platform?

Thanks to group lessons, it is possible not only to reach a larger number of students, but also to make the lesson more lively and exciting. This type of class allows you to conduct various interactive activities, discussions in groups. Thanks to the TeMa tutor search platform, you can conduct lessons without resorting to other third-party sites. 

In addition, the resource has a number of other advantages:

  • high quality video call, picture, and sound are always clear;
  • the ability to send messages and educational materials during the conference;
  • the ability to use screen sharing instead of the usual blackboard;
  • a button to turn the sound on and off, allows you to control the microphones of students, thereby monitoring the discipline of the online lesson; 
  • if someone entered the conference earlier than others and is waiting, the platform has foreseen such a situation and offers the participant to play the game.

In group lessons, it is an opportunity to conduct a lesson anywhere in the world, tracking the progress in learning of each student. No need to worry about being late, as the service has provided a notification system for the start of classes. Now go to the sections of the resource and start your first classes with us.