Answers to popular questions

Where do the classes take place?

Preventing technical failures, troubles with additional applications, and inconveniences, we make the process of obtaining knowledge as simple as possible. Classes are held on the TeMa platform, designed specifically for online lessons. A registered user creates a personal account where lessons, materials, scheduled classes, and other functions are available for high-quality lessons.

How do I get my balance back on my card?

There are different situations, you may need finance from the balance sheet or, for certain reasons, you decide to suspend your studies. TeMa takes care of customers in using the site, so they return the rest. To carry out this operation, you need to write a support request.

What are the bonuses for bringing a friend?

Increasing the motivation to learn not only by providing quality services, but the service has also by using a referral system. It involves rewarding through referral bonuses and referring friends/relatives to the service. To get the desired result, you can not only recommend TeMa but also receive gifts.

What is TeMA?

TeMa is a unique international service that allows tutors to increase the number of students and gives students the opportunity to find high-quality specialized teachers from different countries. The functionality of the platform is intuitive for users, the search process is simple, and payment for classes is safe, without linking a personal bank card. The tutor search platform was created to conduct online lessons around the world, with the probability of finding the services of a specialist from any city in Ukraine and other countries.

Who is the TeMa platform for?

The TeMa platform is designed for teachers and students who decide to choose the path of tutoring. The service helps not only to find students, but also the ability to conduct online classes in conference mode on the platform. For those who want to acquire knowledge, TeMa is a great opportunity to find a tutor of any qualification, price range, and teaching methodology. Mentors will help to cope with any task assigned to the student.

GDPR standards on the TeMa platform?

The TeMa platform takes the issue of privacy and security very seriously. Therefore, the general regulation for the protection of personal data used on the resource will make it possible to carry out the process of paying for classes safely, without linking a personal bank card. So for tutors, the withdrawal of funds for the lessons will be simple and safe.

Territorial operation of the TeMa platform?

The international platform for finding tutors makes it possible to conduct online lessons around the world. You can find specialist services from any city in Ukraine and 38 other countries. Thanks to the online resource, you can choose a teacher from anywhere in the world, and classes will be held in a language that is comfortable for the student.