Market analysis of tutoring services

Market analysis of tutoring services

Despite the fact that the services of tutors are used not only by schoolchildren, but also by applicants, as well as people with higher education. The tutoring market is unstable, as it depends on the external and internal situation in the country and in the world. Despite everything, this type of work is popular not only among people who initially chose individual teaching. And the teachers, who all think about part-time jobs. Every year, the demand for tutoring services increases by 20%. Since such a teacher will help to understand complex and incomprehensible topics, prepare for exams and study the material from scratch. If the goal is to master the language, the mentor helps not only to master the general rules and grammar, but also trains conversational speech. In addition to an individual approach to learning, tutors are preferred, as classes can be held online, at a convenient and comfortable time. Rather than spending time every time on the road to school or university.

What is the competition in the tutoring market?

It's no secret that every year more and more tutors appear on the labor market. Demand for remote work has increased and competition is increasing. If earlier younger teachers were engaged in tutoring, now the older generation is also mastering the digital labor market. The question is, is it good? For students, of course, yes. Since the more services of specialists, the greater the choice. For teachers, this is also a positive thing, since competition allows you to develop and improve your curriculum. After all, each mentor has his own teaching methods, individual methods and approach. The more intense and interesting the teaching methodology of the teacher, the more attention will be riveted to his services. Therefore, in addition to reading lectures and other material, teachers use video and audio accompaniment, games, riddles, and quizzes in the classroom. Thus, showing the student that learning is not something boring and incomprehensible, but, on the contrary, something that can give knowledge and evoke positive emotions.

The quality of services provided by tutors

When choosing a tutor, one of the main issues is expertise, and the ability to cope with the tasks. Let's see which mentors are better to contact, and is there any difference between them?

The choice of the profession of a tutor is due to the desire to find a part-time job after the main job. Since this is an opportunity to increase your budget, as well as work in your own, convenient mode. And many choose to work as a tutor as their main job, because they see it as more advantageous than working for various educational institutions. Namely, work in your own mode, the ability to be mobile and conduct classes online, being anywhere in the world. If we talk about the quality of services, then everything is individual here. In the labor market, you can meet newcomers who take a responsible approach to the process of preparing individual lessons, and their approach to learning really brings results. And there are experienced teachers who conduct training according to one standard program, not taking into account the peculiarities of the perception of students. And vice versa. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly by what criteria you can choose a quality service. Someone finds a tutor right away and is satisfied with the result, while someone chooses their specialist by trial and error. Everything is individual.

The effectiveness of tutoring services in the modern world 

If earlier tutors were considered an additional source of knowledge. Now the importance of such teachers has increased significantly. Why is that? Quite simply, there is a big difference between teaching a class of twenty or more people and teaching one or two students. Teaching large groups is fraught with poor comprehension of the material, misunderstanding of the topics, and the lack of opportunity for each individual to devote time. In the second case, it is more likely that the material will be learned and understood. In addition, individual lessons allow you to choose the right approach and teaching methodology, depending on the characteristics of the student. Knowledge control, quick assimilation of the material, this is only part of the benefits of studying with individual tutors.

Portrait of an ideal tutor

The concept of an “ideal” tutor is as abstract as possible. Not because there are no such people, but because for everyone the ideal manifests itself in different moments. For some, a suitable candidate will be someone who can prepare well for the upcoming exams. For some, the ideal of a teacher is manifested in native speakers, if we talk about learning languages. And for some, the learning process and the overall atmosphere of the lesson are important. On the TeMa platform, you can find the very specialist in accordance with all the necessary requirements. To do this, you need to go to the section and set the necessary parameters in the search filters, such as the subject of study, region, teacher qualification and even cost. Since everyone understands that the price also affects the selection process. Thanks to this approach, you can find your tutor in a short time and start learning now.