What are the advantages of the TeMa platform

What are the advantages of the TeMa platform

High competition in today's world requires extensive knowledge and skills. State education alone is sometimes not enough. The current realities have shown that it is possible to get an education on your own, and tutor search sites are a great help in this. TeMa helps pupils to get the missing knowledge, to improve and develop with the possibility to study and all over the world due to a big database of tutors. Teacher's service provides favorable and comfortable working conditions. More than 130 available subjects of various activities allow almost everyone to achieve their goals and tutor to earn money.

Benefits to the student at TeMa

When creating TeMa, experts from the required fields were involved: IT-specialists, who used modern development methods for the ease of use of the platform; a team of marketers, who conducted research among the target audience to ensure the usability of the platform for users; experts in education, who from a professional point of view revealed what should be included to want to work on TeMa. Experts on educational services in were also involved in the creation. The functionality was tested with focus groups of educators and students to ensure ease of use.

Why find a tutor at TeMa:

  • a large selection of tutors in and other countries;
  • real reviews of students;
  • the ability to choose the services of tutors by interest;
  • a huge number of subjects are covered, from school preparation to creative professions;
  • quick and easy search by subjects, countries, cost;
  • training is conducted directly on the site;
  • the bonus system is included.

The TeMa tutor search platform has a wide range of prices, and tutoring services are available to everyone. The cost of a lesson with a tutor is lower than offline because there are no associated costs (travel, meals, buying materials, etc.). The platform includes all the necessary tools for convenient learning for both the tutor and the student. Try all the benefits of learning with us now.

How do I find a tutor?

Because TeMa has a simple functionality, you can find the teacher you want in just a few minutes. Go higher on the search page, set the parameters of the subject country, price range. After that, teachers will appear on the page according to their internal rating. Each specialist has a profile, where you can see full information about him, and the available schedule of free lessons. To contact a tutor, sign up and message or book a lesson right away. Try lessons with different professionals to find your own. And for your financial convenience, TeMa offers a 50% discount on the first three lessons. 

Advantages for a tutor on TeMa

Being a tutor on TeMa is not only profitable, but also enjoyable. We are constantly evolving and doing everything we can to improve the work for the tutor by providing new students, a system of bonuses, free schedule and the ability to find students not only from but also from many other countries. Making money from what you know well, managing your own lessons, setting your own schedule and getting paid on time is not a golden promise, but a practical reality at TeMa.

If you want to work as a tutor, but you have no experience, this is not a problem, the tutor search service TeMa supports beginners by helping them find their first students and build a successful career. In addition to the questionnaire that appears on the main page after registration, you also have the opportunity to find clients through advertisements and respond to them yourself.

How do I find a job as a tutor ?

In just a few simple steps your application appears on the list of TeMa teachers, and you don't need to go to interviews, the labor exchange, or search for a job as a tutor for days. Many subjects from different areas, from school subjects to hobbies and hobbies, are available on the service. Therefore, you can find a job on TeMa for almost any activity.

What you need to find a job as a tutor:

  1. Register on the TeMa service.
  2. Fill out a personal educator profile. 
  3. Confirm phone number and email.
  4. Add education information, diplomas.
  5. Choose your time zone. Because TeMa is an international site, it is necessary so that students from other countries can choose the correct hours for their lessons.
  6. Add a link to the video.
  7. Fill in the schedule and cost of classes.

If you are on our site now, it means that you have an opportunity for professional development and high earnings. Don't put off your prospects for tomorrow. Register, fill in your profile and start increasing your income today.