How to find ads for a tutor on TeMa

How to find ads for a tutor on TeMa

The prospects for online educators have grown considerably these days. You don't need to travel to universities, schools, or look for extra students to increase your income in order to make money from your knowledge and skills. On TeMa, finding a job as an online tutor is easy and profitable. You work on a schedule you're comfortable with, you set your own cost, and our platform provides you with clients.

Top Jobs for Tutors on TeMa

By providing favorable conditions for teachers, we facilitate the process of online work. When you work with TeMa, make money and don't limit your choice of students, countries and teaching methods. No one sets strict limits or unacceptable conditions.

Why TeMa is easy and convenient to work with students:

  1. Getting new students online all the time.
  2. Manage your own lessons and communicate directly with your students.
  3. You set up a convenient schedule and are not tied to a location.
  4. Timely and remunerative pay, a lucrative percentage.
  5. Earn online what you know well.
  6. You get bonuses and motivation from the service.

And that's not all, the TeMa tutor search platform is constantly improving and striving to be number one by creating a favorable experience for both parties. Register as a tutor online and try out the benefits of tutoring students on TeMa.

If you are a beginner tutor

Because of the lack of experience, many people think that it is difficult to find students. However, we hasten to dispel this myth. Not everyone is looking for a top-notch online professional with a lot of experience. With knowledge in your subject, it's easy to find your first apprentices on TeMa and start your career advancement online. Considering that the cost of classes for beginner teachers online is reasonable, the flow of new students is higher. In addition to qualifications, the psychological component is also important, wanting to work as a tutor, TeMa is a great way to start building a successful teaching career and help you develop further.

Ability to create and place ads

Thanks to the TeMa service, you don't need to go to the labor exchange or look for work on job sites. You can either work on a full-time basis or work as a part-time tutor online. To find clients, all you have to do is register on TeMa and create an ad. Online beginners can find mentees in a matter of hours, without much effort.

What you need to specify to fill out the ad:

  • fill out a personal instructor profile;
  • confirm the number / email;
  • add information about education;
  • choose a subject to teach;
  • fill in the available class hours.

Online tutoring jobs are available at TeMa. It is possible to get a job without experience, if you feel you can teach online students / students, we are happy to provide clients. All you have to do is provide quality educational services.  Tutor search service TeMa gives you the opportunity not to worry about clients, the site is visited daily by thousands of users, thanks to the marketing promotion, which increases the chance of getting interested students and income.

Announcement for a tutor from students

By registering as an online teacher on TeMa, your profile will appear in the general list of teachers on the search page. However, this is not all the student search options. You can search for students on your own. Often, when students need an online tutor, they don't want to waste time searching and create ads for an online teacher by spelling out a more detailed request.

This feature is useful for any teacher who wants to tutor large numbers of students or beginners who want to gain experience, take their first students and start a career as an educator. Register, respond to ads and get more benefits from working with TeMa.

Ability to get a student from anywhere in the world

Don't be limited by location, teach students from many countries. TeMa is an international service with great promise. Take clients from other countries, increase your experience, expand your worldview, and improve your techniques. Register on our site, get students, work from a comfortable place and earn money. Don't put off opportunities for professional growth until tomorrow, start now, because with TeMa it's so easy.

Function Passing Challenges

TeMa helps teachers grow and develop by introducing interesting features, which motivates them to find new students and earn more. Working as a tutor includes not only providing educational services, but also an individual approach, developing a program, and due to circumstances there is not always enough motivation or desire. That's why TeMa includes a “Teacher Challenge” feature to make you more willing to work through nice bonuses. The bottom line is this: if you have six lessons completed, you can get a cash bonus by doing three more lessons before the end of the week. Thanks to the ads from students, it's easy to do this challenge, all you have to do is respond.

Once you're in our online tutor database, you set and change your own hourly rate, teach whenever and wherever you want, and develop professionally. Go higher, sign up and start earning online now.