How do I start teaching without any work experience?

How do I start teaching without any work experience?

Most students in their last years of study, and in general, many novice teachers thought about working as a tutor. After all, this is not only an option to earn extra money, but also an opportunity to make it the main source of income. In addition, tutoring is very convenient, as many areas have switched to online format. At the same time, when you start teaching without experience, it is difficult to understand where to start, how to build a training program and, most importantly, where and how to find students.

Let's go in order. To begin with, prepare a training program, identify the age groups that you plan to teach and write down a work scheme for each. Because there is a huge difference between teaching a schoolboy and a student. Think of chips that can diversify your lessons. I don’t really want to sit in boring classes where the material is simply read out. For kids, you can use different video materials in the form of fairy tales, for students and older people, interactive games.

When looking for a tutor, many pay attentions to reviews and positive ratings. And then the question arises, How can you earn them when you are just at the start of your journey? How to choose ads without teaching experience? Don't worry, it's simple. To start earning your first testimonials, go to the "Ads" tab on the Tema tutor search platform, where students submit their own questionnaires in search of a teacher. Use the platform filters, select those areas and the cost for which you are ready to teach. Review the descriptions of student requirements and desires. If you can handle the task, write to them, offering your services as a mentor. Over time, you will gradually increase your student base.

At the start, mentors without skills can make blunders. One of these is the overestimation of opportunities. In pursuit of the best offers from students, mentors do not carefully study the profiles of those looking for a teacher, but immediately send them offers. This approach is fraught with dissatisfied customers and bad reviews. There are times when a student needs to learn material from scratch, and there are those who need information of a higher level. Therefore, in order to avoid such mistakes, it is necessary to carefully study the profiles of potential students. Analyze whether you can cope with the tasks or not.

Previously, tutors with experience had advantages and were more popular with students. In our reality, the education system has become so flexible that there are also many jobs for mentors without skills and the demand for their work is great. And thanks to the Tema tutor search service, you can become a teacher to whom students will return again and again.