How to find an online tutor on TeMa

How to find an online tutor on TeMa

TeMa is a platform that helps you to get education on your own, develop, move up the career ladder. We designed the platform to be as user-friendly as possible, not only technically, but also in the search for tutors. Choosing a specialist on TeMa you are not limited to a local area, and the wide price range allows you to study with any financial possibilities.

How do I find a TeMa tutor?

To make the search for a tutor easy and fast, we made the functionality easy to use for any user, even if you communicate with the technology on the "you", to find the tutor's services will not be difficult. The services of the tutor search site are free of charge.

How to find a tutor on TeMa:

  • go higher up on the home page;
  • define your goal and desired specialization;
  • set filters (subject, country, cost range);
  • find among the list of suggested online tutors the most suitable one.

You can write to the tutor or open the profile for more information and lesson reservations. The tutor search platform TeMa helps you find the services of an online specialist without much effort, a wide range of costs, and the variety of subjects and the convenience of the site allows you to learn effectively. All you need to do is register. Try it and see for yourself.

Convenient search filters 

In order not to waste time looking for a tutor among the large number of options, set filters based on specific requirements. Perhaps you are in another country and want to study with a tutor (which is much cheaper), or vice versa to find a native speaker to learn the language. Thanks to the convenient filters on the search page and a large database of tutors, finds a suitable professional at a reasonable cost.

50% off the first three lessons

You can only be sure of the quality of the service and the tutor by trying it out. It is not always possible to find the right online tutor the first time. Excellent knowledge and professional skills do not guarantee that the teacher will be morally comfortable. Spending a large budget to try out is not much you want, but finding your own tutor is just as important. We've got that covered. TeMa online tutor search service offers a 50% discount on the first three sessions, so you can try online tutors at a pleasant cost.

Will online tutoring services be expensive?

Previously, the services of private specialists seemed too expensive, and not everyone could afford them. Now tutoring services online are available to anyone, especially since TeMa provides a choice of prices, and referral and bonus systems reduce the cost of classes even more. Specialists come in different qualifications, so the price is also different. If you do not need to find a specialist with 20 years of experience, several diplomas, and extra skills, the cost will be acceptable.

A huge advantage of distance learning is also the fact that there are no associated travel costs, the purchase of teaching materials and trial lessons at a discount. As you can see, the cost of an online tutoring lesson is not a luxury, but quite an affordable service for everyone. Take advantage of our service and get the knowledge you need at a pleasant cost.

Why individual lessons and not courses?

In the pursuit of savings, some people prefer courses to private classes. However, as a result, the promised knowledge is lacking because of the dispersed attention to the entire group and a generalized program, and to achieve the result you have to buy another course. The cost of the tutor online and courses are almost the same, when the results are enormously different. One lesson with a tutor gives more knowledge than three group courses. 

Why you should choose the private services of a teacher at TeMa:

  1. Individual approach, taking into account the psychological characteristics of the student.
  2. The program is built on a specific request.
  3. Flexible schedule, you choose your own time of class.
  4. All classes are on the service.
  5. Referral system and bonuses.
  6. Ability to create an ad for a tutor with exact wishes. Suppose you need a tutor for children with a special approach.
  7. Affordable cost of an online tutor.

The world does not stand still, the competition is growing, and to reach the heights, it is necessary to improve. Don't postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. Register, choose the best tutors and start developing now.