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Я - філологиня, перекладачка, викладачка. Захоплююся дослідженням мов, історії та культури. Окрім англійської, викладаю ще італійську та португальську, а також займаюся перекладами. Також маю досвід спілкування з native-спікерами на проектах по Європі, а також на різноманітних заходах. Відвідувала...
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How to works TeMa

Find the best tutor for a subject Portuguese In order to find a tutor for a subject Portuguese from more than 1 tutors. Use filters to make your search faster and more comfortable.
Book the first lesson To book a lesson on a subject Portuguese, go to the tutor profile and click on "Details". Once you go to the subject Portuguese, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule.
Connecting to the lesson To connect to a lesson on a subject Portuguese, go to the "Lessons" tab and click the "Connect" button. The Connect button becomes active only 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Once connected, you will be in the video conference where the lesson with the subject Portuguese tutor will take place.

By learning Portuguese, you can easily understand those who speak Spanish. Thanks to the Portuguese colonization that existed in history from the 15th to the 20th century, Portuguese is official in such countries as: Mozambique, East Timor, Principe, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde Brazil. Portugal has a very big weight in international business, so there is a huge opportunity to find a good job in this country. Education in Portugal is one of the most prestigious and most accessible. Therefore, if you have a dream to enter one of the foreign universities, the country is ideal for this. Studying, working and just living, requires one factor, knowledge of the language. Already now, the services of Portuguese tutors, the TeMa platform, will provide an opportunity to master spoken Portuguese and achieve your goals.

Portuguese private lessons on the TeMa platform

Oddly enough, Portuguese comes just behind English in terms of the number of speakers among Europeans. Therefore, there are a lot of people who want to learn this language. And individual lessons with Portuguese teachers, on the TeMa tutor search platform, help to realize the learning process. 

Why choose the service of individual lessons:

  1. Morning, afternoon or evening, you can choose the best time for lessons. You don't have to conform to anyone.
  2. Learning Portuguese can take place at home, on the road or in a café. The main thing is to have good internet and gadgets to connect to conferences.
  3. There is no pressure from the learning process. Language learning takes place at your own pace and at a convenient time.
  4. Individual lessons allow you to build a program so that you can study not only vocabulary and grammar, but also practice speaking.
  5. The ability to choose the price range that will match the capabilities of the applicant.

Everyone chooses a convenient format of classes for himself: in groups or individually. But thanks to the individual format, the student will be able to quickly master the necessary material and achieve their goals.

How to find a Portuguese tutor?

A tutor is a mentor who helps you achieve your goals. The final result depends on the correct choice. The process of finding a Portuguese teacher is a responsible task. If you need to master the language in a short time, you need to prescribe a training program specifically for the applicant. If the task is to pass exams, a simple study of speech will not do. The mentor must understand the nuances and prepare the student for them. The TeMa platform will help you find a tutor. 

Thanks to the filters, you can set the necessary parameters, such as:

  • the region of residence of the tutor, the mentor may be in the same city with the student or live on another mainland;
  • the subject you plan to study;
  • you can choose the type of classes: in groups or individually;
  • everyone has their own budget, so the filter allows you to set your price limit.

After filling in the parameters, the platform will offer options for questionnaires. Variations will help you choose the service of a mentor. So don't waste your time, book your lessons with Portuguese tutors and start realizing your goals.

What is the cost of a Portuguese tutor?

What is the price for the service of mentors? The question is very popular among those who decide to learn a new language. In the questionnaires of teachers, there are different rates. But this does not mean that if the price is higher, it means better. Each student has his own motives for studying, and you need to build on these factors. Young Portuguese tutors will prepare you for the exams for a small price. And there are experienced teachers who, for a higher price, will give knowledge from scratch to Intermediate and above. It all depends on the requirements that will be put forward by the teacher. The price can be affected by qualifications and experience, education and the number of certificates, diplomas, and awards. The number of lessons needed, because someone comes with a certain base, and someone needs lessons from scratch. On the platform, it is possible to find a Portuguese language teacher service that will meet the price criteria.

Learn Portuguese with TeMa

Learning a new language with a tutor involves attending classes. If the lessons are held offline, it is not always convenient to travel back and forth, spending time and additional money on the road. If you don’t want to be burdened by such moments, you can immediately turn to Portuguese tutors for help, the price of which will be much more profitable than offline lessons. The distance learning service allows you to concentrate on learning, rather than constantly planning and adjusting the time so that you can do everything. The student will be able to enjoy the process of mastering speech being in a comfortable place, at a convenient time, without fear of complex and incomprehensible topics. Mentors explain complex things in simple terms. Already now, it is possible to go to the platform's questionnaires and find a teacher.

Benefits of a Portuguese tutor

Studying with a Portuguese tutor is more profitable. Because the student can be sure of the result that he will receive at the end of the course. If you study the subject on your own, there is a chance that you will encounter difficulties and, as a result, throw the study into the back burner. This will not happen with teachers, because any difficulties the teacher will go through together with the student, and if somewhere the topic is incomprehensible or difficult to disclose, the mentor will explain the material in simple words. In self-study, it is difficult to practice the language, and this is very important, along with grammar and vocabulary. With Portuguese tutors, an applicant will be able to improve their skills daily and practice speaking, so that in the end they can communicate freely with native speakers. If a student is interested in passing exams, teachers will draw up a program so that there is an opportunity to get the highest score. Still thinking about whether you need a tutor, the answer is definitely “yes”. Therefore, do not waste time, book classes on the platform with mentors.


How to choose the right Portuguese tutor?

When choosing a Portuguese tutor, you need to start from the goals and objectives that you plan to achieve thanks to the mentor. Further, search filters will help you in the search, set the necessary parameters and you will see a selection of questionnaires. Of these, you can choose the “same” specialist who will help you master the speech.

Benefits of studying with Portuguese teachers?

Portuguese tutors will help you structure your learning process. So that every lesson you not only learn grammar and vocabulary, but also hear Portuguese and can improve your communication skills.

What is the price of lessons with a Portuguese tutor?

The cost with Portuguese teachers varies from teacher to teacher, as it all depends on experience and skills, qualifications, the number of lessons required and the tasks assigned to the mentor.