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1,5 роки викладаю японську. Зараз живу в Осаці, ходжу в мовну школу і маю скласти іспит на N2 в цьому році.
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How to works TeMa

Find the best tutor for a subject Japanese In order to find a tutor for a subject Japanese from more than 1 tutors. Use filters to make your search faster and more comfortable.
Book the first lesson To book a lesson on a subject Japanese, go to the tutor profile and click on "Details". Once you go to the subject Japanese, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule.
Connecting to the lesson To connect to a lesson on a subject Japanese, go to the "Lessons" tab and click the "Connect" button. The Connect button becomes active only 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Once connected, you will be in the video conference where the lesson with the subject Japanese tutor will take place.

High level of service and organization, absolutely in any direction. Street safety at any time of the day. Inexpensive and authentic food. And this is only a small part of the advantages of Japan. It is not for nothing that Japanese language lessons are very popular, as this country is chosen as a permanent place of residence. Enrolling in a local university, applicants are guaranteed to receive a prestigious job at the end of their studies.

Working in Japan is in great demand, as it has a number of advantages:

  • payment by the company of transportation costs;
  • covering the costs of health insurance services;
  • a job guarantee, as you cannot be fired without a good and serious reason;
  • companies take responsibility for paying taxes.

All this is very attractive, but there is one nuance. To study or work in Japan, you need knowledge of speech. The services of individual Japanese language tutors will help you with this, who will help you master speech in a timely manner.

Japanese tutoring services on the TeMa platform

Japanese is fundamentally different from English or Ukrainian. Therefore, if you understand English, it will not help in any way in learning Japanese from scratch. In addition to hieroglyphs, speech includes a number of features that are very difficult to cope with in independent study. And sometimes, it's unrealistic. The services of tutors in Japanese will come to the rescue. They will help develop an individual study program so that at the end of the course you will be able to communicate fluently in the native language. Individual lessons allow you to master writing, get acquainted with the culture and internal rules. In the classroom, you will constantly hear and communicate in Japanese. If you decide to start learning Japanese, do it now, and the services of resource mentors will help you with this.

Where can I find a Japanese tutor?

A Japanese tutor is not uncommon. Although, for most, the search process takes a lot of time. Why is this happening, what is it connected with? Let's figure it out. Choosing the services of a mentor is a serious and responsible task. The choice will depend on how quickly you learn the desired speech, how easy it will be for you to study. And if you take into account that you need to study Japanese speech, in which there is a completely different alphabet, dialects, and pronunciation familiar to us. You need to find a good specialist in this area. You can find such professionals on the TeMa tutor search platform. Individual teacher services will help not only to cope with complex tasks, but will build the learning process in such a way that it is exciting and not boring for you, so register as soon as possible and choose your tutor.

Japanese tutor price on the TeMa platform

The question of the cost of a Japanese lesson is one of the frequently requested topics in search engines. But few people explain what the cost per lesson is and what affects it. 

Let's take a look at the question of what affects the cost of a lesson together:

  1. The number of individual lessons that will be required to achieve the objectives and goals. The more sessions, the higher the total cost.
  2. The uniqueness of speech, the less services of tutors on the platform who teach, the higher the cost of services will be.
  3. The individuality of teaching methods increases the cost of classes.
  4. Experience of teachers. More qualified mentors always charge more for their lessons than beginners.

On the resource, you can choose a teacher who will meet all your requirements, including cost. If you have any misunderstanding, in this case, platform managers will come to the rescue. They will answer all your questions.

How to choose a Japanese tutor?

How to find the best Japanese tutor? There is nothing difficult about this. It is important to understand what goals and objectives the teacher will face. The level of training, experience, and qualifications of the teacher. If a child needs a mentor, a local teacher will help in learning. If a student or older generation requires individualized instruction, use the services of a speech tutor. In addition to experience, the cost affects the choice, because everyone has their own budget limit. In order not to “drown” in the search process, go to the filters on the platform. They will help you find a suitable specialist according to the specified criteria, region, specialization, and cost. So don't wait, choose your teacher and start learning Japanese now.

Benefits of Japanese lessons

Distance learning is convenient and profitable. The benefits include those only saving time, but also the absence of unnecessary expenses for the trip there and back. Instead of a noisy class where other students are present, you can take advantage of individual lessons, where the tutor can personally teach Japanese, and in case of misunderstanding, explain the details of the topic without missing the details. Due to the fact that classes and all communication take place on the platform. You don't have to worry about technical issues. In the lesson, instead of the usual board, the mentor uses a screen demonstration. If necessary, you can record the lesson and then revise it. In order to make learning Japanese more productive, cards, games and video materials are used. Do not put off until later what you can do now, learn and get results with the services of Japanese tutors on the TeMa platform.


What are the benefits of studying with a Japanese tutor?

By studying speech with Japanese tutors, you can be sure of a guaranteed result. Since the mentor will build the program in such a way that you not only learn theory, but also practice speaking at each lesson.

How much do Japanese tutors cost?

The price of classes with a Japanese tutor depends on the duration of the course and the knowledge of the applicant. Since everyone has their own level of knowledge. Depending on the level of the teacher's training, the higher the qualification, the higher the price of the lesson. Despite this, on the platform you will be able to find a mentor according to your budget.

What level of knowledge is required to learn Japanese?

You can start learning Japanese from scratch. On the TeMa platform, you can find a teacher for the youngest students, as well as for applicants who need help passing exams. In addition, platform tutors will help not only learn the language but also use it in real life.