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Усім привіт! Мене звати Ася, я викладаю понад 15 років Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesigh, Procreate, Gimp, 3D Макс, 3D Maya, Autocad. Малюю на планшеті, маю художню освіту та освіту дизайнера. Спочатку я визначаю мету занять, тобто чому Ви хотіли б навчитися. Потім складаю індивіду...
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Працюю викладачем у приватній школі та комп'ютерний академії IT STEP( ШАГ). Викладаю математику та комп'ютерні курси у сфері дизайну. Проводжу заняття для підготовки до ЗНО та ДПА з математики для учнів 9-11 класів. Індивідуальні та групові (3-4 людини). Пояснення тем, інтерактивні завдання, розв'з...
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Ти можеш розпакувати свою особистість, підвищити або освоїти нові навички в області підприємництва, проектного менеджменту, продажів та перемовин. Я в цьому із задоволенням допоможу, адже маю практичний досвід у цих напрямках більше 8 років. Хто я сьогодні? - банкір - підприємець - засновник Націон...
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How to works TeMa

Find the best tutor for a subject Graphic design In order to find a tutor for a subject Graphic design from more than 3 tutors. Use filters to make your search faster and more comfortable.
Book the first lesson To book a lesson on a subject Graphic design, go to the tutor profile and click on "Details". Once you go to the subject Graphic design, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule.
Connecting to the lesson To connect to a lesson on a subject Graphic design, go to the "Lessons" tab and click the "Connect" button. The Connect button becomes active only 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Once connected, you will be in the video conference where the lesson with the subject Graphic design tutor will take place.

In today's contemporary world, graphic design has emerged as an indispensable aspect across various domains, spanning from advertising to web design. For individuals aspiring to excel in this field and acquire design skills, online graphic design tutors can prove to be a valuable resource. The TeMa platform provides a wide range of proficient online graphic design tutors who are readily available to assist students in any aspect related to graphic design.

How to choose a graphic design tutor?

If you are contemplating an individual online graphic designing tutors on the TeMa platform, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, you must determine your goals, whether it be pursuing a career in graphic design, preparing for creative competitions or exams, or developing professional skills. Regardless of your objectives, an individual graphic design tutor on the TeMa platform can help you accomplish them.

One on one graphic design tutoring online is a productive and convenient approach to learning graphic programs and developing design skills. Graphic design is a profession in high demand across several fields, such as advertising, marketing, publishing, web design, and many more. Presently, there is a growing interest among people to learn graphic design to expand their professional skills or as a new hobby.

TeMa online graphic design tutors possess extensive experience and expertise in the field and have in-depth knowledge of graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They can teach you the fundamentals of working with these programs, creating professional layouts, and offering useful advice on working in the graphic design industry.

How much does a tutor for graphic design cost

The cost of graphic design tutorials with a tutor may vary depending on factors like the tutor's qualifications and experience, location, tutorial duration, and learning format. However, investing in quality education can yield dividends in the future by unlocking various opportunities in the field of graphic design. TeMa graphic design lessons online offer affordable and top-notch education with the finest graphic design tutors, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced designers.


Do I need to know graphic programs for the class?

No! If you are looking for a graphic design tutor for beginners you do not need to know any graphic editors. A graphic design tutor will teach you how to use them from scratch.

How do I find a graphic design tutor?

You can find a tutor on the TeMa platform. There you will be able to set all the necessary parameters and find a specialist who will help you solve your tasks.

Why choose individual classes with graphic design tutors?

If you are going to learn from scratch, you will find it difficult to learn all the graphic editors on your own. A tutor will explain everything and teach you only the essentials in the shortest possible time. One-to-one tuition ensures you get a better grasp of the material.