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How to works TeMa

Find the best tutor for a subject Dutch In order to find a tutor for a subject Dutch from more than 4 tutors. Use filters to make your search faster and more comfortable.
Book the first lesson To book a lesson on a subject Dutch, go to the tutor profile and click on "Details". Once you go to the subject Dutch, select a convenient day and time for the lesson in the tutor's schedule.
Connecting to the lesson To connect to a lesson on a subject Dutch, go to the "Lessons" tab and click the "Connect" button. The Connect button becomes active only 5 minutes before the lesson starts. Once connected, you will be in the video conference where the lesson with the subject Dutch tutor will take place.

When learning Dutch, students have different goals. It is important that these goals motivate them to learn the language. Learning the language with Dutch teachers will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country and make new friends. And knowing the language, you can find a new prestigious job. The Netherlands is among the top three countries in the world in terms of education. Therefore, many students want to move to this country. If you decide to start learning, there is no better time than now. The services of Dutch tutors contribute to the development of speech in the future, to conduct a confident conversation with native speakers.

Why Choose Dutch Tutors?

Dutch is a fairly young language and most of the words are borrowed from other languages. Difficulties in learning can still arise, the spelling of Dutch is not so simple. This manifests itself both in grammar and in vocabulary. Therefore, if you are planning to start learning speech, seek help from Dutch tutors. They structure the learning process so that from the first lesson you hear the Dutch speech and subsequently, you can gradually master the spoken language. Studying with a tutor, you are guaranteed to get the result, since an individual approach allows you to achieve better results than if you learn speech on your own. So if you need to learn to speak, the services of Dutch teachers can help you right now.

Find a Dutch tutor on the TeMa platform

On the Internet, you can find absolutely anything. Therefore, finding a Dutch teacher will be easy. But the question is different, how to find a specialist who helps to achieve the desired result without stress and worries. The platform for finding tutors TeMa will help in this matter. 

To find a tutor, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Immediately decide on the requirements for your task. For what purposes is the study planned, how much time is allocated for implementation.
  2. You need to consider the budget that you are willing to spend on additional classes. Because each tutor has his own price per lesson.
  3. Additional classes will take up a number of time in your daily routine, so you need to immediately think about when it will be more convenient to call the tutor.
  4. When choosing the services of Dutch language teachers, you should not immediately take the first questionnaire, look through several options, compare and select the most suitable option.

In addition to these rules, search filters contribute to the search, with them, you can find a specialist in a short time who will achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Why choose Dutch lessons?

Work in the Internet space allows you to work from anywhere in the world. And relatively recently, this situation overtook education. Instead of school or university classes, uncomfortable desks and noisy classmates, you can get knowledge while sitting at home in a comfortable chair or at your desk. No need to get up early in the morning and go to school. Online learning allows you to replace the time spent on the road with repetition of material and rest. Therefore, many students choose the TeMa resource, as it is an opportunity to find a Dutch tutor and book a lesson at a convenient time for them. If you plan to study, thanks to the online format, the platform allows you to choose both a local teacher and a Dutch tutor, a native speaker. Don't put off until later what you can do today. Book your tutoring classes now and start your journey to learning Dutch.

The cost of the Dutch language tutor service on the TeMa platform

In the process of finding a teacher, we often face the question of the cost for classes. For some, the cost is higher, for others it is lower, and the description in the questionnaires does not always give an answer to the question of pricing. The cost of a Dutch tutor can vary depending on various factors. 

Let's figure out what affects the price of a lesson:

  • dutch teachers are divided into two types: native speakers and local teachers. The cost of a native speaker is usually higher than that of a local teacher;
  • education diplomas, courses, the more the teacher invests in his qualifications, the higher the price of services will be;
  • the level of preparation of the student affects the total price of classes, the less knowledge initially, the more lessons will be required;
  • the price differs between group lessons and individual Dutch lessons.

If you have a certain budget for a tutor, you can use the search filters, set a suitable price and click on the “Apply” button. The platform will select the appropriate options, and you will be able to choose your specialist. Don't wait, start your lessons now, Dutch tutors will help you with this.

How to choose a Dutch tutor?

Choosing a Dutch teacher is an individual process. Because what works for one student may not work for another. Everyone is different, it’s easier for someone to study in pictures, someone perceives information by ear, for someone both options are suitable and the student grasps information on the fly. The TeMa tutor search service will help you choose the service of a Dutch language tutor. Thanks to the search filters, you can select the necessary parameters and, from the proposed profiles, select a specialist who can teach you speech. Tutors are waiting for you to make your goals come true. Register and learn Dutch now.


Who is a Dutch tutor suitable for?

A Dutch language tutor is suitable for absolutely anyone who wants to learn speech. It could be students who need help with their homework. Students who are planning to take an international exam or who are planning to move to the Netherlands. Therefore, if you wish, the teachers of the Tema platform will help you cope with learning the language.

How much do Dutch teacher lessons cost?

It is not possible to say the exact price of classes, since the cost depends on many factors, experience and qualifications, teaching methods and the level of preparation of the student himself. That being said, you can use the search filters of the Tema platform and set the price according to your budget.

How to choose a Dutch tutor?

To choose a Dutch tutor, go to the search filters, set the required parameters and you will be able to see the profiles of teachers that match your requirements. You will only have to look through several questionnaires and choose the preferred option.