Animals in English with translation

Animals in English with translation

Animals in English: Groups of animals in English

Animals have always played an important role in human life, their diversity, beauty and unique features attract our attention. In this article, we will look at how animals are in English, which ones are domestic and wild, and how they can be classified. In the process of learning English, students usually learn the basic categories of animals name in english, but additional efforts are required to expand vocabulary and study more advanced topics. English tutors on the TeMa platform can help you expand your vocabulary. And now we will learn new words. Go!

Names of pets in English

Animals are an amazing and diverse group of organisms that inhabit our planet. From the smallest insects to the largest mammals, animals come in all shapes and sizes, playing important roles in the ecosystems where they live. When we talk about pets, we usually use the word “pet”. This word can refer to any animal we keep as a pet. If you are an English language learner at a beginner level or want to help your kids learn the language, English pets can be helpful.

Here are some examples of pet names in English

Wild animals in English

We have all probably seen wild animals in movies or at the zoo. They can look big, intimidating, and wild. However, wild animals can pose a danger to humans, so it is important to be careful around them and not disturb their habitat. But in fact, they are beautiful and charming, and knowing their English names can be useful. In addition, watching programs about wild animals in English can be a great way to learn the language. Wild Animals in english name will allow you to get to know these amazing creatures better.

Here are some examples of wild animal names in English

Exotic animals

Animals that are not common or common in everyday life are called exotic. They cause surprise and interest in people, because they have unusual external features and characteristics. Learning about exotic animals can greatly expand your vocabulary, as they have their own unique names that are not found in normal speech.

Exotic animals in English

One of the amazing features of animals is their ability to adapt to various living conditions. For example, coyotes live in the deserts and plains of North America, while penguins live in the cold Antarctic waters. Each species of animal has its own unique specialization and defense mechanisms against dangers, which allows them to survive in harsh conditions.

Transcription of animals in English

When we learn English, we often have to face difficulties in pronunciation of words. Transcription is a system for recording the sounds of a language that can help us pronounce words correctly. Transcription of name animals in english will help you pronounce words correctly, which will help you understand and speak English better.

Each animal has its own unique transcription, which helps to pronounce its name correctly. In addition, knowledge of transcription can also help us understand how words are pronounced in different English-speaking countries, where pronunciation may differ.

For example, in Britain the word “dog” can be pronounced with a shorter “o” sound than in the US. Knowing the transcription will help us understand these differences and speak with a more correct pronunciation.

The name of the animals in english can also be helpful in learning complex words or phrases that we may encounter in textbooks or by ear. For example, if we see the word “hippopotamus” in text, we can use the transcription to figure out how to pronounce it correctly.


Understanding animals and their names is an important part of understanding our world. We hope that this material has helped you learn the names of animals name of english and make you more confident in using these words in English conversations. But remember that learning new words, including the names of wild animals, requires constant practice and perseverance, but the results are well worth the effort.

In general, the study of animals is an important and interesting branch of science that helps us to better understand our planet and its inhabitants. Also, remember that animals are part of our environment, and we must respect and care for them. It could be something like supporting local animal welfare organizations or reducing your impact on the environment in order to save it for the animals. Let's study the name of animals in english together!