School Readiness Preparation Tasks and Activities

School Readiness Preparation Tasks and Activities

Great games to prepare your child for school: A fun journey to school!

Hello there! It's delightful to have you join us in the captivating realm of educational tasks, where each step brings us closer to success. The TeMa team is thrilled to present you with a collection of exceptional and engaging tasks designed specifically for preschoolers. These activities will not only nurture the growth of your child, but also bring joy to the process of learning. As advocates of education that is both enriching and entertaining, we invite you to join us on an extraordinary adventure where new accomplishments await. The tasks we have prepared to enhance your child's school readiness have been meticulously crafted to spark their inquisitiveness and broaden their understanding. With uniquely designed scenarios and engaging exercises, each lesson is crafted to leave a lasting impression and ensure enjoyment. Immerse yourself in a realm of exploration where limits are pushed, and readiness for future challenges is fostered. Rely on us to deliver an unforgettable and motivational preparatory experience. Let's collaborate and forge a path toward triumph!

The Abracadabra challenge: The magic of mathematical numbers!

Prepare for a mesmerizing mathematical journey with the enchanting game known as Spellbound! Parents, behold as your child transforms ordinary numbers into extraordinary images, stepping into the role of a true sorcerer. The objective is to follow the mystical instructions and combine the numbers to reveal a mysterious image. This game serves as an ideal preparation for school math tasks, nurturing children's mathematical reasoning while igniting their imagination to witness the enchantment numbers can bring. Join your child on this imaginative adventure and embrace the delight of playing Spellbound together. Watch their potential shine as they conjure their own mathematical wonders!

Language warm-up: Develop articulation and pronunciation!

Immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of the ‘Verbal Agility’ game, where we will elevate articulation and pronunciation abilities. Children will attentively follow their parents' instructions and imitate the demonstrated sounds. The objective is to accurately and distinctly pronounce the sounds, emphasizing tongue and lip movements. This activity contributes to honing sound articulation and promoting tongue flexibility. Parents, your guidance is invaluable in steering your child's articulation and fostering their growth. Are you ready to embark on a tongue-strengthening expedition? Let us commence this adventure and nurture exceptional pronunciation skills together!

The 'I know it all' task: Answer the questions!

Immerse yourself in the enthralling game of ‘Knowledge Explorer,’ where children are encouraged to tackle a wide variety of questions and demonstrate their expertise. Share intriguing facts and provide precise answers, as these activities contribute to expanding your knowledge base and refining your ability to articulate responses. Stay attentive to the questions and take a thoughtful approach before providing your answers. Parents, you can actively participate by posing questions to your child and aiding them in finding the answers. Get ready for a delightful and enlightening experience. Are you prepared to embark on this intellectual voyage? Let's commence the ‘Knowledge Explorer’ game!

Exercise 'Our Hobbies': Create a collage from a variety of materials!

Immerse yourself in the ‘Artistic Expressions’ activity to unleash your boundless creativity. This school preparation exercise entails crafting a unique collage utilizing an assortment of materials such as paper, fabric, and thread. Collaborating with your child, you can engage in cutting, gluing, and blending diverse elements to construct an artwork that authentically showcases your shared interests and hobbies. This endeavor fosters the refinement of fine motor skills, ignites imagination, and nurtures creativity. Your parents can offer praise and admiration for your artistic ingenuity, bolstering your confidence and motivation. Share your ideas and breathe life into them through the joyous collaboration with your parents!

Choose and Separate: Learn to classify and sort!

Immerse your child in the dynamic activity known as ‘Sorting Spectacle’ to amplify their classification and categorization prowess. The objective is to meticulously choose items and group them based on specific criteria. Attentiveness to the properties and attributes of each item is vital for precise categorization. This exercise cultivates logical reasoning, systematic organization, and analytical skills in children. Parents can actively participate by initiating discussions about object properties, assisting in establishing classification criteria, and reflecting on the outcomes. They can even introduce additional items for sorting and create stimulating scenarios that necessitate decision-making. Collaborative endeavors like these foster critical thinking and fortify familial bonds.


Embarking on the school preparation journey is a significant milestone for every ‘Seek and Encircle’,’Enchanting Equations’ and ‘Listen and Execute’ to nurture the acquisition of vital skills necessary for a successful transition and scholastic growth. Our team of dedicated educators eagerly awaits to teaching primary students through their school readiness journey. With a diverse array of tasks encompassing mathematics, memory training, critical thinking, language development, and fine motor skill refinement, we ensure a comprehensive preparation for the dynamic school environment. Embrace the joy and exhilaration of preparing your child for school with TeMa, where learning becomes an enchanting adventure!