The best schools in Kyiv for your child

The best schools in Kyiv for your child

Kyiv is a city with a wide variety of educational institutions that cater to the diverse interests and age groups of students. These institutions specialize in different subjects, including foreign languages, math, and art. By leveraging modern technology and teaching methodologies, they aim to help their students achieve their full potential. Furthermore, the city also offers a plethora of educational programs designed for international students who wish to learn the Ukrainian language or pursue their studies in Ukraine.

How to choose a school in Kyiv?

Selecting the right academy for your child is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Whether it's a secondary academy or a gymnasium that specializes in foreign languages, mathematics or law, the selection process should not be taken lightly. But how can parents ensure that they are making the best choice for their children?

Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Assess your child's needs. It's important to choose an academy that aligns with your child's interests and evokes positive emotions.
  2. Seek recommendations from friends. Talk to other parents with children of similar ages to get their advice and feedback.
  3. Choose an academy that is conveniently located near your home. This will enable your child to socialize with classmates from the same neighborhood and also allow for more sleep time and less travel time.

Private schools in Kyiv

Private schools offer parents and students a variety of programs with different specializations. Lyceums, gymnasiums can be distinguished among such institutions. Lyceums with in-depth study of subjects such as physics, mathematics, economics, and law.

Gymnasiums are with in-depth study of humanitarian subjects such as foreign languages, literature, history, etc. In gymnasiums, schoolchild receive a high level of education in the humanities. As in lyceums, gymnasium schoolchild can receive in-depth training in a specific area of knowledge.

Specialized academies are with a narrow specialization, such as physics and mathematics schools, educational institutions with the development of foreign languages, etc. These schools provide the study of subjects that the schoolchild chooses.

One of the popular specializations in private lyceums is the development of foreign languages, especially English, German, and French. The academy provides in-depth instruction in language sciences, including grammar, vocabulary and conversational practice.

In addition, many private lyceums offer the study of mathematics, physics, and economics. They prepare schoolchildren to enter universities with faculties of the relevant specialization. If you need a math tutor, on the TeMa platform you can find the best specialists and help learn this difficult subject.

Leading educational institutions in Kyiv

Kyiv is home to a diverse range of educational institutions, including general schools and specialized lyceums and gymnasiums that offer tailored learning experiences for students. For instance, Lyceum No. 208 “Lad” provides specialized education in mathematics and physics while offering language instruction in English, German, and French. Specialized School No. 57 named after V.M. Bekhtereva focuses on mathematics and physics education, providing students with a high-quality education in these subjects. Gymnasium №18 im. I. Nechuya-Levitsky specializes in foreign language education, particularly in English, German, and French. In addition, there are other specialized schools in Kyiv, such as School No. 139, which offers a focus on economics and law.

The city's educational system is well-developed, providing a wealth of learning opportunities for students of all ages and interests. Whether a student is looking to specialize in a particular subject or seeking a well-rounded education, there are many institutions to choose from in Kyiv. By attending a specialized school or program, students can receive an education that caters to their individual needs and interests, setting them up for success in the future.

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