Yaroslav the Wise University: facts, achievements, development prospects

Yaroslav the Wise University: facts, achievements, development prospects

Welcome to a university where laws and legal regulations are not just words on paper, but protagonists of learning! We are discussing Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, which is the preeminent legal education institution in Ukraine. We think you have heard something about it more than once, but it is time to learn more about this institution of higher learning. If you are ready to dive into the world of justice and law, then hold on tight – we are setting off on an exciting journey through this prestigious institution!

How much does it cost to study at Yaroslav Mudryi Law Academy?

Are you considering applying to Yaroslav Mudryi Law Academy but worried about the expenses? You needn't worry too much, as talented students can receive free tuition. However, if you choose to study for a fee, the costs will depend on your chosen field of study and mode of learning. It's worth noting that tuition fees may vary depending on the specialty you choose to pursue. Typically, majors that involve practical legal training and examinations may have higher education costs due to their more hands-on approach to learning.

It's important to keep in mind that there are multiple forms of scholarships and advantages available to students available at the Academy to help you save money. And don't forget that you can also study on a part-time basis. The academy gives everyone the opportunity to get a high quality education, regardless of their financial situation! In addition, the choice of specialty should not depend only on the cost of education, but should be based on personal interests and abilities.

Specialities at Yaroslav Mudryi Kharkiv Law University

Yaroslav Mudryi Kharkiv Law University is one of the leading educational institutions in Ukraine that specializes in training high level lawyers. The University provides students with a unique opportunity to receive a high quality education in various fields of jurisprudence. The University has faculties to suit all tastes. If you need preparation for any exam for admission to the university, the TeMa platform is happy to help you! The best tutors from different subjects are gathered here.

If you want to become a defender of the law, ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens and fighting crime, then the specialty “Law Enforcement” in KSU is the right thing to do. Here you will plunge into the world of legal knowledge, studying the theory and practice of criminal, administrative and civil law as well as international law.

And students also have the opportunity to undertake practical training in the police, prosecutor's office and judicial institutions, where they will gain experience in real-life situations and learn how to solve legal problems in practice.

In addition, there are many other specializations such as International Law, Advocacy and Notary Public to help you find your place in any area of law. The level of education here is high and will allow you to be successful and confident in your career.

ZNO and admission to the Yaroslav Mudryi Law Academy: all you need to know

ZNO is the exam that you need to take to get into Yaroslav Mudryi Law University of Kharkiv. But do not worry, you do not need to know all the subjects to get in. For law courses, you only need to pass the ZNO in Ukrainian language and literature as well as math or history. And for some specialities, you may also need to pass ZNO in English. The main thing is to prepare well and do not forget to bring your passport and certificate of education on the day of the exam! And if you need quality preparation for the ZNO tutors to prepare for the ZNO in history will help you 100%.

National Law University named after Yaroslav Mudryi is the place where students get not just an education but an opportunity to realize their potential in the legal field. NSW is a leader in its field, with a reputation for the quality of its teaching and the experience of its lecturers.

Here students can develop their professional skills and gain valuable experience in the real world through participation in conferences, internships at training firms and other events. And NLU graduates are already respected professionals who have achieved success in government, law firms and other organizations. NLU is not just a university, it is an opportunity to build a successful career in law!